Understanding this blog begins first with an examination of the path that has led me here. It is about the road traveled, the successes I have experienced, and the knowledge I want to share with you.

Matthew Russo

My name is Matthew Russo and I work in Santa Monica, California.

Early Background

I was academically trained at the University of Cincinnati in Industrial Design. It was there that my passion to create simple yet elegant solutions to complicated problems was born, and skills such as creative thinking and problem solving we’re cultivated.

After college (and my pre-graduation burn-out) I found myself exploring the world of real estate investing. Initially drawn to the potential to make large sums of money using other people’s money, I later realized that I was most interested in how to leverage systems – specifically financial ones – to purchase and/or control large sums of assets using little of your own capital.

The Online Space

Next, my experience in real estate and increasing experimentation in the online space opened doors to the startup world, where I was hired as the Director of Online Marketing and Social Media for BULX.com – a flash sale website that sold high-end home improvement products at deep discounts. After only nine successful months of acquiring 25,000 members and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, the company was acquired.

Since the Spring of 2011 I have been delving deeper into the world of online marketing, exploring the concept of a cohesive digital presence while conceptualizing and executing successful campaigns for clients and personal initiatives alike.

Published on:

My company, Blast Brand, has worked with local businesses (Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Crimson Cup, S4 Consulting), startups (Fundable, CoverMyMeds), schools (Portage Lakes Career Center), non-profit journalism groups (Juvenile Justice Information Exchange and Youth Today), and national brands (Express, Bob Evans) alike.

Currently, I am in the process of applying my social media expertise to build and grow Social Auto Leads – a service that connects dealerships with car buyers in their area.

In the summer of 2012, I single-handedly raised over $27,000 for a friend battling cancer in the three months of training leading up to my first full Columbus Marathon.

Enter This Blog

Matthew Russo Sketching

Photos courtesy of David Sherry.

Inspired by the successes of my past, I am most interested in identifying and analyzing the systems that allow each of us to grow and increase the impact we have on the worlds around us.

Trends come and go. Buzzwords and technologies change in a moment’s notice, but systems are the unseen forces that affect our lives that too often go uninspected.

It is this examination and exploration of themes that will drive the content of this site. I’m not certain where this journey will take us. But it will likely be the start of something big.

Join Me on This Journey

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